Lucy’s Lion High CBD Strain

Mar 22nd, 2017
By Cannabis Guru

I got my hands on some Lucy’s Lion. It’s really an amazing strain. the buds have very Sativa like physical characteristics , with light fluffy buds, and a wonderfully light delicious smell.

Developed by Adam Jacques head grower with The Growers Guild and founder of CBD Oregon and Sproutly an Oregon based dispensary.

22:1 high CBD low THC strain “Lucys’ Lion” in an attempt to pass on High CBD genetics. Lucys’ Lion is named in honor of Lucy who is battling Dravet Syndrome. Her parents are fighting for their right to give this medicine to their daughter in the State of Virginia.

I tested on my self to get a sense of the THC content and was unable to feel any psychoactive effects, so it is truly a CBD Strain. I did enjoy some very good, anti inflammatory effects, and my sore back was feeling great after a few puffs on the vaporizer. I have very little tolerance build up since my usage is very minimal. I am generally fine after a single hit of high THC potency strains in the 15% – 20% range.

Excellent Work Adam and we appreciate all your hard work and effort in developing this strain, we will be growing some this year to see if the strain maintains its high CBD profile.