Facebook and Google Ban Paid Cannabis Industry Advertising

Oct 25th, 2015
By Cannabis Guru

For the moment anyone in the cannabis industry wanting to increase their web presence on the internet will need to focus their energies on good old fashion content creation to ensure their websites get indexed and found in the search engines.

Paid advertising campaigns through Google Adwords or Facebook for example are not allowed at the moment as of late 2015. Will this change,  yes over time,  but only when  the industry matures more and we work through some issues.

The problem is the federal government which controls banking , taxes and the over all environment that corporations have to comply with, still considers cannabis illegal, very hypocritical considering they have legalized cannabis in Washington DC , the seat of the federal government , I know it makes no sense.

So for now the best use of your web development budget should be spent on making sure your website is well search engine optimized, which basically means constantly adding , fresh , original relevant content to your website on a monthly basis.

This is a service we provide here at Csite as one of our monthly services, since we understand the cannabis industry and the plant , we can talk your language and create the kind of content needed to improve your website’s Web Presence.