Lucy’s Lion High CBD Strain

I got my hands on some Lucy’s Lion. It’s really an amazing strain. the buds have very Sativa like physical characteristics , with light fluffy buds, and a wonderfully light delicious smell. Developed by Adam Jacques head grower with The Growers Guild and founder of CBD Oregon and Sproutly an Oregon based dispensary. 22:1 high […]

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Latest in Cannabis Medical Research

This video talks about the latest in Cannabis Medical Research It will blow your mind . Cannabis is an incredible plant with some amazing compounds. Research is now coming in from all over the world that the compounds in Cannabis can actually Kill cancer cells as well as being able help with a host of […]


Importance of cannabidiol in recreational strains.

Here is a good intro video on Cannabidiol , one of the many active cannabinoids in cannabis. While THC is still king for recreational users , we are discovering that CBD not only has medicinal uses, it also has a balancing property for the over all recreational experience. While it is great to have strains […]

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