About Our Social Media Services


The Csite Social Media Packages we have on our site are simply a guideline , a place to start a dialogue to determine what will work best for your niche.

Everyone has specific needs and wants relating to their business and their budget.

The difference between $49 per month and $99 per month essentially determines home much time we can devote to your project each month. Which of course determines how quickly things will progress as far building your web presence, which is the ultimate goal of our services. However for some clients we develop a custom monthly plan that exceeds the packages shown on our site.

Ultimately we strive to provide content that is Educational , Entertaining , Informative and Inspiring . We then distribute that content where it is appropriate across your Web Presence Platform.

Social Media Services can include the following:

• Social Media Pages include Facebook, Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest,as the primary pages that most businesses can utilize , as well as other listing pages,that are not technically Social Media Sites , however that definition is becoming broader.

• Create or Complete Existing Social Media pages Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Angies List, Google Plus, Pinterest , Houzz, Yelp
and others that we determine would be useful for your niche

• Add reciprocal links between your Website and your Social Pages .

• Design And upload Cover Photos to Social Media Pages.

• Design And upload Profile Pictures to Social Media Pages.

• Add custom tabs to you Business Facebook Page.

• Deliver weekly posts of content and images to your social media pages.

• Monitor Social Media Pages daily to prevent spamming and inappropriate content.

• Provide interaction and discussion with visitors on your social pages.

• Setup and Run paid Facebook ad campaigns

• Researching and sharing relevant articles, videos,images for your audience to add value to your page.

• Creating Short Keyword targeted posts that can be utilized as content on your website
as well as your Social Pages.

• Utilize Facebook’s “Graph Search algorithms” to target specific groups or individuals to add to your friends list. For the purpose of networking you as a business owner and increasing your fan base for your business page.

• Proactively using Facebook and other Social Media as way to prospect for B2B or business to business opportunities , as well as building business to customer relationships.

• Managing a Business owners personal Facebook page to create a Social Media persona that maximizes the power of Social Media Networking.